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Have you recorded your music, and are now in need of a Professional Mixing Engineer? Black Dog Mastering Studio can provide the expertise and experience that your music needs prior to Mastering with our audio mixing service. It takes a great mix to create an excellent master.

Black Dog’s Audio Mixing Mastering Services provide two Engineers with two different listening environments. Our Mixing and Mastering Studios are designed specifically for each process and our Engineers work together to achieve the best possible results.

The process begins by forwarding your audio project with separated tracks (vocals, guitar, beat track, bass, etc..) on CDR/CDRW or DVDR/DVDRW. Our preferred format to receive project files is OMF (Open Media Framework). Projects can also be sent as Pro Tools, Cubase SX, Nuendo, Sonar, Adobe Audition, Acid or Vegas project files. If you need help saving a project file that includes all your media, or exporting (rendering) the individual tracks from your software please click any of the software hyperlinks above.

When Exporting please note that we prefer everything to be dry with no effects. The exception is if you have a special effect such as a long delay or a flanger that you want included in an individual track. Once our Engineers receive the project, they will begin to mix the audio to a stereo track adding effects such as compression, EQ, delay and reverb to each instrument. Mixing can be very subjective; therefore Black Dog provides online (other methods availabe) samples of each song giving the artist(s) the opportunity to provide feedback. Any modifications that are requested will be reviewed and returned as a new sample. We will continue this process until the artist(s) are satisfied with the results.

The long distance relationship has been proven to work better, rather than having the engineer and artist(s) in the studio. There is less stress and usually better communication on both ends. Due to the time consumption of editing, prices do not include elimination of unwanted audio within tracks, such as pops, loud breathes, talking, instrument and vocal noises before and after takes, etc.

Please clean up unwanted audio parts on tracks before sending. The cost for our engineers to edit these problems will be extra, depending on how many tracks & how much unwanted audio parts must be edited out. You will be notified if we find any noises that we feel need to be removed. If you have any questions, please contact us. Also, please visit our Rates Page to view our prices and pay for services. Once you have paid for your service you can forward your project to us.

Upon request we will send you an Mp3 of your project. Mp3 files are great for sending via email, posting on a web site, or for additional backup on your hard drive. We offer this service at no additional charge.

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