Online Mastering

Online Mastering Studio

Mastering Studios today can work much faster and more efficiently with the use of the internet.
Online Mastering works with email and FTP (file transfer protocol) to give mastering studios the flexibility to send and receive projects very quickly. This allows clients to send projects that will be received on the same day they are sent to the Engineer. Once the project is complete the digital audio can be sent back in either .wav or .mp3 format for the client to critique. Once they are happy the final cd can be mailed to the client. This cuts costs for everyone, including the client.

Using .mp3s for samples of the finished audio can also be dangerous if the client is not aware of the difference in quality. Although .mp3s today are very close to cd quality, they can not ever sound exactly the same. It has been my experience that they usually suffer in the lower frequencies. Just like anything else that is compressed, it can not be of the exact same quality as the original. But as long as the client is aware of this then it is a very good way to sample the product before you commit to sending the actual CD.