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Our mixing and mastering prices are very competitive with other studios around the world. We offer professional high quality mixing and mastering for the independent artist as well as labels and recording studios. You can find lower prices online, but you will not get the quality, service or experienced engineers you will receive at Black Dog. We have been in business since 1999 and offer the unique advantage of separate, dedicated, mixing and mastering studios. Your music will have 2 sets of ears and over 35 years combined experience to make sure it reaches its full potential!

Payments for all services listed below can be made from our Payments Page.

Stereo Mastering

Includes a final 16 Bit 44 .1kHz Mastered file, as well as any spacing and/or fades. Stereo Mastering is appropriate for most projects. If you are unsure if you need Stereo Mastering, Stem Mastering or Mixing just let us know and we can give you a free evaluation.

Stem Mastering

Includes a final 16 Bit 44.1kHz Mastered file, as well as any spacing and/or fades. Stem Mastering provides the engineer with more options when working on your project. If there are problems with the mix it can be helpful to the engineer to have access to separate groups of instruments. During the stem mastering process levels are balanced for each group of instruments, and imperfections are removed. After this the stems are properly mixed together and the final song is then mastered. Our stem mastering prices include up to 3 stereo stems. If you need more than 3 stems you can add them for only $5 each.

Mixing and Mastering

Includes a final 16 Bit 44.1kHz Mastered file, as well as any spacing and/or fades. Upon request we can also include your un-mastered stereo mix. We have a dedicated mixing studio and engineer for all mixing projects. Mastering studios are not designed for mixing and mixing studios are certainly not designed for mastering. It is important to not only have the correct speakers and equipment for the task, but equally as important to get another set of ears and perspective on your music. Our mixing prices include up to 24 individual tracks for each song. If you need more than 24 tracks you can add them for only $3 each.

Express Service

If you find yourself in a pinch and need your project done quickly we are here to help. Our express service prices can be added to any of the services listed above.

Other Services

To submit any services listed below please visit our requests page and fill out the appropriate form.


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