The Mastering System

~A Guide on How To Master your own music~

This guide is intended to help Independent Musicians decide if Mastering is right for them, and if you can do it yourself. The Mastering System can be confusing to most musicians. What are the Mastering Requirements? What is The Mastering Room and can I use my home studio for The Mastering Room? Can a mixing studio meet the requirements for a mastering room? What is the best Recording Mastering Software? What is the best Studio Mastering Software? Can I use Logic Studio? Can I use Fl Studio? I intend to answer all of these questions in this guide, and if I don’t then please feel free to contact me via our contact page.

To answer these questions and more we have created this How To Mastering Guide. This guide will help to answer these questions and help you decide if you can tackle Home Mastering or if you need to send your music off to an engineer.

First let me say that I am a Mastering Engineer and have been Mastering music for over 15 years. I am sharing this information to help musicians decide if Mastering is right for them. If it is necessary then this guide will help you decide if Mastering is something you want to tackle yourself or let someone else do for you. I do have a product to sell here, but I too am a musician and worked my way up through the system to get to where I am today. I started out playing in different bands in college and working for free in any studio that would teach me something. I know what it is like to struggle as a musician and not have a lot of money to spare. This is one of the reasons why I work solely with Independent Musicians and try my best to keep our prices reasonable enough for anyone to afford.

That being said, I will try my best to explain what Mastering is, and what it takes to achieve a great Master. Mastering Requirements are an excellent room that is also completely flat and absent of coloration. No outside noise to interfere with the listening process (this includes computers and amplifiers). A set of coloration free monitors and no coloration sub woofer. A great supply of Tools in your arsenal, which we will talk about in more detail later. And probably the requirement that is the hardest to achieve and the Mastering Requirement that usually keeps most people from successfully Mastering their own album; experience. Now you have to start somewhere, right? Yes, but you need to ask yourself if you want to be a musician or an Engineer. I asked myself this question about 15 years ago and I decided I was not a great guitar player, and I loved turning the knobs on stage probably more than playing the guitar. Can you Master your own album? The answer is probably yes. Will you be happy with the end results? The answer is probably no. Will it compare to other albums in the same genre? Probably not. But guess what, most musicians that are starting out don’t necessarily need their album to compare to a national artists work. You need to decide what level you want your music to be at.